UK Thunderball winners thunder-struck by £500,000 Thunderball jackpot

A British couple from Chichester was literally thunder-struck discovering they were lucky to become Thunderball winners winning £500,000 Thunderball jackpot. They are still coming around from these pennies from heaven which was an excellent present fate made them rounding off the year.

The married British couple Karen and David Ainger, 57 and 56 years old respectively, were lucky to win £500,000 Thunderball jackpot in British lottery game operated by the National Lottery UK. The lucky Thunderball lottery winning numbers drawn on 27 December 2014 were 22, 23, 25, 28, 36 and 6 for the Thunderball itself.

Winning UK Thunderball jackpot

Thunderball lottery is a draw-based British game of chance using 5+1/39 matrix. In other words the players have to choose 5 main numbers and the bonus ball the unanimous ThunderBall. Winning the jackpot (with the winning chances estimated as 1 to over 8 millions) requires matching all the drawn numbers. The game totally features 9 prize categories including the grand prize. Lottery results UK are also updated online. 

Karen recalls discovering the life-changing lottery win, "Can't say we are the devoted lottery fans still we are found of the thrilling excitement we get when play National Lottery lotto especially Thunderball as the odds of winning are really fair often paying off small but rather pleasant winnings!"

“My husband, David, was already sleeping and I was about to go to bed too when it suddenly came to me that Thunderball ticket we quick-picked lately had not been yet checked although the draw was already over. With that in mind I went to switch on the computer – a present from my children – to find out Thunderball results get the ticket checked. Frankly speaking I was not too hopeful still I was as if stricken by the lightning discovering Thunderball results: our Lucky Dip entry and, what is more amazing, the Thunderball matched the jackpot winning combination delivering us £500,000 jackpot. So we were the potential Thunderball winners”

Thinking that was too good to be true she checked the ticket and Thunderball results again and read the numbers out loud to find out again that the entry matched the winning combination. She ran to the bedroom and woke his husband up crying “Half a million pounds, half a million pounds. We became Thunderball winners. Can you imagine that?”

David was fast asleep and it took him a while to grasp what his wife was saying. He calmly took the ticket and went to double-check Thunderball results thinking that she was kidding him. Still to his great surprise that was not a joke as luck smiled on them at last.

As they recall they could hardly sleep that night. They had never won anything like that before and were a bit at a loss. They called National Lottery customers support line and were invited to the head office to claim the money and share their emotions. That was what they did the next morning.

UK Thunderball winners' future plans

When asked a traditional question about the future plans for UK Thunderball jackpot David said that they were accustomed to a quiet life and were not going to toss the money around, using them to pay their car and credit loans. Still there was one thing they could not deny themselves. They both were the devoted theater goers. So from then on they would be able to afford more. They event was celebrated in one of the local theaters.