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Lotto HotPicks Winning Numbers

Lotto HotPicks Results UK

Check Lotto HotPicks numbers online. National Lottery Lotto Hotpicks applies the main draw of UK Lotto still it is a different lotto game in many respects. In other words Lotto Hotpicks numbers as the same as those drawn for UK Lotto except for the bonus ball (which is accountable for UK Lotto second prize only). That is why Lotto Hotpicks results and Lotto results and, what is more important, prizes will be different. Play and check Lotto Hotpicks results (UK) online to take a chance to win larger prizes for matching fewer numbers.

Checking Lotto HotPicks Results

or how to keep up with Lotto Hotpicks numbers

National Lottery Lotto Hotpicks results are published after the main UK Lotto draws which is held weekly on Wednesday and on Saturday. Switch your TV, flip through to BBC One and get the ticket ready to check Lotto Hotpicks numbers. The live show is broadcast every Saturday at 7.30 pm (local time). Lotto Hotpicks results after Wednesday Lotto draw are updated at 10:35 pm on BBC One. Importantly enough, Lotto draws on the Christmas Day are pushed to the Christmas Eve; mind that no to miss to check Lotto Hotpicks numbers. You may also find out Lotto Hotpicks results (UK) from the fresh newspapers the next morning after the draw cross-checking your entry with UK Lotto drawn number or go to the retailer. However, using online resources to check Lotto Hotpicks numbers online much easier and quicker. Moreover besides the latest lottery results UK here you can get information on Lotto Hotpicks results (UK) history, prizes, winning odds, numbers frequency statistics.

Winning odds

UK National Lottery says that trying luck in HotPicks is like playing 5 lotto games in 1 as far as players may choose ways of participating in this game, each providing different odds of winning and prizes. Find below Hotpicks winning odds based on the quantity of picked and matched numbers (MN stands for the main numbers).

Prize division (Pick 1 - 5)

Winning combination

Winning odds


Pick and match 1 MN

1 in 9


2 MN

1 in 79


3 MN

1 in 922


4 MN

1 in 14,126


5 MN

1 in 317, 814

Playing Hotpicks

To play Hotpicks players have to choose both the lottery numbers for the entry and the exact number of drawn balls they expect to match (from 1 to up 5 balls). Mind that in case the chosen quantity of Lotto Hotpicks numbers is not matched the ticket is not considered winning.

HotPicks provides a chance to win more for selecting and matching less numbers drawn for UK Lotto. Priced £1 per game, HotPicks offers the following prizes:

- Pick 1 - (1 number matched) – 5 £;

- Pick 2 - (2 numbers matched) – 40 £;

- Pick 3 - (3 numbers matched) – 450 £;

- Pick 4 - (4 numbers matched) - 7,000 £;

- Pick 5 - (5 numbers matched) - 130,000 £;

In contrast the Lotto's prizes matching 3, 4 and 5 main numbers accounts for £25, about £100 and £1,000. Still the respective Lotto winning odds in this game are also different accounting correspondingly for 1 in 57, 1 in 1,033 and 1 in 55,492 (compare with HotPicks winning odds in the table above).

Make up your mind on the quantity of numbers you would like to pick and choose the corresponding game. Check off the numbers manually for the chosen game from 1 to 49, or get them quick-picked using the Lucky Dip random selection option. You may play up to 5 numbers on each coupon and buy up to ten coupons at a time as well as play in advance for up to 8 weeks.

You may play HotPicks over-the-counter or online daily from 8.00 am till 11.00 pm. Mind that the ticket sales are closed from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm on Wednesday and Saturday for the time of Lotto draws. So that on the draw day you will have to manage to buy HotPicks ticket before 7.30 pm. Lotto HotPicks results are available online after the draws 7/24.

You may also set up the lottery syndicate with the single-minded players, friends, relatives or colleagues to share the excitement of the game as well as increase the winning chances along with saving some cash. Each member of syndicate will make an equal money contribution for the tickets while all the syndicate winnings will be equally split between its members. All you have to do for that is to build up a team, jointly elect the syndicate cash-keeper who will be responsible for buying tickets, checking Lotto HotPicks results and splitting the prizes.