UK Lotto winner

Robert Rich won UK Lotto jackpot. Our story hero name is Robert Rich, UK Lotto winner. He remembers his friends used to joke: “Robert, you are a happy man because you are Rich”. Used to because not that long ago he became rich not only by his name but by his bank account too being lucky to win £2 mln UK Lotto jackpot raffled by the British National lottery.

Working as a driver in Southampton, Robert recalls the life-changing development. All the day long tired of his job appointments Robert was thinking of becoming a millionaire to change everything for better, marry and live on for his own pleasure. So that finishing his work he met his girlfriend Mandy to go somewhere for dinner. Then he made that life-changing still a minute decision to buy the lottery ticket for UK Lotto. That was for short before the draw so that he used a Lucky Dip option to get the ticket entry randomly filled by computer just in time before the sales were closed. One would say that Robert was dressing up the story, still no matter how silly it sound this is true. As he put it he never thought that his dreams would end up in winning the lottery and becoming millionaire.

After having the dinner the couple had a quiet evening time at home and went shopping the next day as both of them had a day off. Robert did not bother to check his e-mail box that day. Only the next morning when he was checking his way-bills he noticed an email addressed by the National Lottery unassuming that they won some 25 pounds in UK Lotto. He went directly to the official website and we can only imagine his astonishment finding out that was over £2 mln UK Lotto jackpot that would make his dreams come true and change his life forever.

Becoming UK Lotto winner

UK Lotto is a 6/49 matrix lottery game so it requires matching 6 numbers drawn from the range of 1 to 49. Lotto is Britain's most beloved lotto game as no other lottery there is reported to make more people millionaires than the Lotto. Lotto draws are carried out 2 times a week on Wednesday and Saturday with the jackpots starting respectively from 2.5 mln and 5 mln rolling over every time there is no one lucky enough to win it. Lottery results UK can be checked online as well. 

It took him a while to come around and call his future wife Mandy to break the happy news. He was very excited so that Mandy took over the initiative and called the National Lottery to set the record straight. She calmed Robert down saying everything was fine, he became UK Lotto winner and they were invited to attend the press-conference and claim UK Lotto jackpot.

The couple had a simple celebration of the millionaires' status at home with a take-away meal and a plenty of time to make the bigger plans for UK Lotto jackpot.

UK Lotto winner’s future plans

So what are their plans for the nearest future? Marriage was their first and most important point so that now they are Mr. and Mrs. Rich by their name and nature. After settling down the family needs Robert was going first to retire and indulge in his favorite hobby, aircraft modeling as well as to spend some money for his family taking them for the Asian voyage.