UK EuroMillions winners - Double UK Millionaire Maker winners

What are the chances to win the lottery grand prize twice? This question is widely discussed among the lottery players regularly trying their luck in these games. Obviously enough most would argue that from the impersonal standpoint the chances are too miserable. Still the British couple from Scunthorpe was extremely lucky to convince the lottery players’ community otherwise once more. Despite the impossibly challenging odds they became UK EuroMillions winners twice or to be exact double UK Millionaire Maker winners.

For the first time luck smiled upon Kathleen MacKenzie and David Long in July 2013 when they became UK EuroMillions winners getting their £1 mln prize as a part of 100 Millionaire Maker Raffle. Later in March they turned out to be UK Millionaire Maker winners for the second time and got £1 mln pot as well as the ritzy dream car after the EuroMillions' Mega Friday draw. The lucky couple became first double UK EuroMillions winners which decided to disclose their success for the world's public.

Millionaire Maker Raffle

The players of the British EuroMillions version are automatically included into the so-called “Millionaire Maker” raffle which guarantees £1 mln for 1 lucky player. One such raffle code is generated for very EuroMillions line of numbers purchased and then included into the draw where one prize winner is randomly picked. Now and then “Millionaire Maker” raffle carries out special edition of the lottery draw offering £1 mln prize for 100 players or the so-called “100 Millionaire Maker Raffle”. Up to date it holds the world's record after making millionaires the highest number of players in a night. That was on 27 July 2012 when 97 out of 100 possible UK EuroMillions winners claimed their £1 mln prize.

So how could such luck be possible and what could be the key to success? David’s answer to this question was very straightforward. He said he preferred to play when there were a lot of prizes on the offer and, what is more important, when he had a good feeling about the game. “I was sure we would be the winners the first and the second time. I even said Kathleen we would win once more after we had banked the first £1 mln prize.” In this way the lucky couple had put in doubt the old saying “you never know your luck”.

UK Millionaire Maker winners nearly missed it

Amazingly enough, the couple was very close to miss out their first EuroMillions pot when David forgot to check the raffle code on his lottery ticket. Having “learned the lesson” David thoroughly checked the lottery ticket in the morning after the draw to find out that he matched 2 main and one bonus number (winning £7). To his big surprise the raffle code – which he checked every game since winning for the first time - was also a winning one. He calmly approached his wife and asked to double-check the line as that was too good to be true, as he put it.

Kathleen then checked lottery results UK both in the TV news and went online, and as David recalled, it had been ages when she finally said “You have done what you said! We are the UK EuroMillions winners again, dear!”

As they admitted the first £1 mln could not have come a better time. Then despite their age they still had to work a lot to earn for living and maintain health. Becoming UK EuroMillions winners and millionaires the couple was swift to retire and it has been an easily going, financially secure life since. And what is more interesting they finally got married after almost 12 years of engagement.

David and Kathleen hosted a big party for their close friends and family to celebrate the event, decided to take a honeymoon making a cruise they always dreamed about. Now they can easily afford that and even much more!