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EuroMillions Winning Numbers

EuroMillions Results UK

National Lottery EuroMillions Numbers online. EuroMillions is rightfully regarded one of the world's most wide-scale draw-type lotteries delivering impressive jackpots paid out as a lump sum tax free. Being relatively a young lottery it has been gaining an increasing popularity developing into the multi-national lotto. Launched in February 2004 and initially held just in 3 countries: Spain, France and UK, it has extended the hosting countries list: Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and more recently Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra and the Isle of Man. EuroMillions results (UK) in terms of the payouts are really impressive which certainly backs its growing popularity worldwide.

It is much beloved by the British players. The winning EuroMillions numbers are drawn two times a week on Friday and Tuesday at the headquarters in Paris, France. The lottery is played in the UK the same way as in the other countries. Correspondingly National Lottery EuroMillions results will be the same as in every other hosting country and will be available immediately after the draws carried out at 8.45 pm CET (UTC +2). Still the UK's version of the game features a little twist of format. Every draw it holds a special £1 mln National Lottery EuroMillions raffle (UK Millionaire Maker). Be quick to choose your lucky winning EuroMillions numbers and check EuroMillions results (UK) as well as the bonus raffle results online.

Checking National Lottery EuroMillions Results

Keeping up with the winning EuroMillions numbers. National Lottery EuroMillions results are available after the draws. The winning EuroMillions numbers, as it was already mentioned, are drawn at the lottery headquarters in Paris at 8.45 pm CET (UTC +2). In this way you may tune up your satellite to one of the broadcasting channel to watch the draw (BBC1, for instance, at 10.30 GTM). Still it will be much convenient to keep up with the winning EuroMillions numbers using the web resources. Play and check National Lottery EuroMillions results online to save your time and trouble. You'll not have to go anywhere or even break away from your tea, just switch your PC. Bookmarking the page you will be able to get the latest update in few clicks as well as take advantage of other useful info including EuroMillions results (UK) history, future draw dates, winning EuroMillions numbers statistics, winning chances, winnings and EuroMillions raffle results.

Winning chances

The average chances to hit National Lottery EuroMillions jackpot account for 1 in 116.5 mln (as opposed to 1 in 95,344,200 in EuroJackpot, for example. ); for that you will have to match 7 numbers. Still your chances to win the prize of the last category are 1 in 23. Just like in any other lottery of the kind the bigger is the cash prize the lower are winning chances. Check the winning chances below based on the prize category and matched combination of the drawn numbers (MN stands for the main numbers and LS for Lucky Star, the bonus number).

Prize Division


Chances of winning

1 (EuroMillions Jackpot)

5 MN + 2 LS

1 : 116,531,800


5 MN + 1 LS

1 : 6,473,989


5 MN

1 : 3,236,994


4 MN + 2 LS

1 : 517,919


4 MN+ 1 LS

1 : 28,773


4 MN

1 : 14,387


3 MN + 2 LS

1 : 11771


2 MN + 2 LS

1 : 821


3 MN + 1 LS

1 : 654


3 MN

1 : 327


1 MN + 2 LS

1 : 156


2 MN + 1 LS

1 : 46


2 MN

1 : 23

Playing National Lottery EuroMillions

This lottery uses a double matrix of 5/50 + 2/11. This means that players have to choose 5 main numbers from the guess range of 1 to 50 as well as 2 bonus numbers out of 11 possible all of which are required to win EuroMillions jackpot.

Every purchased lottery ticket has a special 9-digit code (3 letters and 6 numbers). The players are automatically listed to EuroMillions raffle (UK Millionaire maker) to take a chance to win £1 million pounds guaranteed for one player each draw. The chances to win this prize depend on the total quantity of purchased tickets. Moreover, every last Friday of the month UK Millionaire Maker carries out a special Mega Friday EuroMillions raffle. Currently it guarantees the £1 mln prize for 10 players participating in this draw. The first Mega Friday EuroMillions raffle which was carried out in October 2014 delivered 25 new £1 mln winners and a number of luxurious prizes

Hot and cold numbers

To hike their chances to win players may use the so-called hot and cold numbers statistics based on the historic EuroMillions results (UK). The lottery's 10 most frequently drawn numbers are 50, 44, 4, 38, 19, 25, 37, 23, 24 and 30. The game's 10 least frequently drawn numbers are 46, 32, 2, 48, 33, 41, 39, 8, 43, 9. The advanced historic EuroMillions results (UK) statistics features the most commonly drawn numbers in pairs (4, 23 or 11, 29), triplets (1, 16, 48 or 1, 22, 50) as well as corresponding consecutive combinations: pairs – 23, 24 or 4, 5; triplets – 12, 13, 14 or 22, 23, 24.

EuroMillions Jackpot

In 2009 the lottery operators capped EuroMillions jackpot at €185 mln. From then on the money rolling over the limit is allocated in the lower prize divisions. EuroMillions jackpot peaked €190 mln after the maximum 13 roll-overs and was claimed by the lucky couple from the UK, Adrian and Gillian Bayford, in August 2012. It reached the limit for the second time in October 2014 and was claimed by the anonymous player from Portugal. Check lottery results UK online.

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