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EuroJackpot Winning Numbers

EuroJackpot results UK

Check the winning EuroJackpot numbers online. EuroJackpot lottery is rightfully one of Europe’s most popular lotto games which made a great sensation among lottery players community after it was started up in 2012. This lottery’s high popularity among lottery fans is backed by the frequent jackpots, high secondary prizes and promising winning odds. Drawn weekly on Friday, the game sets its grand prize starting from €15 mln and also offers another 12 prize divisions which are all tax free. EuroJackpot's record grand prize was reported shortly after the lottery marked its 2nd anniversary when it delivered a €61.2 mln jackpot in September 2014. The lottery fans can both play and check EuroJackpot results over the counter or do it online and have to match the five winning EuroJackpot numbers to become one of EuroJackpot millionaires.

Check EuroJackpot Results

Keeping up with the EuroJackpot numbers online

It is currently easy to check EuroJackpot results (UK) with numerous services provided online. Going online to get EuroJackpot results updates you will never miss them as it can be a case with the evening TV broadcasts and you will save time and trouble of going to the nearest lottery retail outlet to get your ticket scanned to find out the winning EuroJackpot numbers. Spending just several minutes of your time between the daily appointments you will be able to keep up with the latest developments in the lotto games industry, and lottery winning numbers, draw schedules and so on. So do not be late for your lottery draw and take a chance to become a millionaire. Play and check EuroJackpot results (UK) online.

Winning odds

EuroJackpot results depend on the matched winning combination of EuroJackpot numbers. Find below the lottery's winning chances based on the prize category (the MN stands for the main Euro Jackpot numbers and Star for the bonus Euro Jackpot numbers). For comparison EuroMillions jackpot winning odds account for 1 : 116,531,800.

Prize division

Winning Euro Jackpot numbers

Winning chances


5 MN + 2 Stars

1 in 95,344,200


5 MN + 1 Star

1 in 5,959,013


5 MN

1 in 3,405,150


4 MN+2 Stars

1 in 423,752


4 MN + 1 Star

1 in 26,485


4 MN

1 in 15,134


3 MN + 2 Stars

1 in 9,631


2 MN + 2 Stars

1 in 672


3 MN + 1 Star

1 in 602


3 MN

1 in 344


1 MN and 2 Stars

1 in 128


2 MN + 1 Star

1 in 42

Playing EuroJackpot Lottery

One of the most recent lotto games launched and played in 16 European countries, EuroJackpot lottery offers 12 additional prize categories apart from the main prize. It uses a 5/50 matrix that is the players have to guess the 5 main Euro Jackpot numbers drawn from the 1 to 50 guess range to win the jackpot. There are also 2 bonus Euro Jackpot numbers drawn from the separate guess range of 1 to 10. These bonus numbers are also required to win the grand prize as well as the secondary prizes of the divisions 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 with the cash prizes based on the jackpot volume which can grow up to €90 mln every week of the year. Players have to match a least one main and one or two additional numbers to win anything in this widely popular pan-European lotto game.

Naturally enough, the more players play EuroJackpot lottery in the member countries the more frequently are the bigger grand prizes won. Despite its relatively short history on the lotto games market, EuroJackpot has been constantly expanding making sizable leapfrogs over the 2 years of its operation. Originally played in 8 European counties it has already grew to 16 and delivered €61.2 mln jackpot which makes over a half of its maximum possible jackpot of €90 mln. EuroJackpot lottery added 6 new countries to its member list in February 2013: that were Latvia, Croatia, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway and Iceland and continued expanding further in October 2014 incorporating the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Hot/Cold EuroJackpot Numbers

The cold and hot numbers statistics is based on the historic EuroJackpot results (UK). As the name suggests, the hot numbers are those lottery numbers that appear most frequently in the draws. That is why many of the lottery players and experts use to rely on them believing that from the statistical standpoint the chances for them to re-appear in the future draws are higher. For this reason lottery operators provided statistics of the kind to encourage the players and make the numbers selection process easier for them. The hottest EuroJackpot numbers in the draws of the 1st half of 2014 were 9, 22 6, 32 & 7. On the other hand the so-called cold lottery numbers are those tending to show up in the draws less frequently. However, some prefer cold numbers to the hot ones stating that it is just a matter of time for them to come up again and there is always a chance. The cold EuroJackpot numbers in the 1H2014 were 20, 2, 27, 3 & 23.

EuroJackpot Record Prizes

Eurojackpot’s lottery largest jackpot won was reported on 12 September 2014. The lucky winning ticket was bought in Finland matching the main winning numbers which were 25, 29, 2, 17, 9 and 3 & 5 for bonus numbers which delivered an astonishing €61.2 mln prize! The lottery's second biggest jackpot reaching €57 mln was as well claimed in Finland by the syndicate of 10 players. Its 3rd record prize worth €46 mln was won in Germany.

Lottery players around the world can now keep a close eye on this European lotto game online. They may play and check EuroJackpot results (UK) hoping to beat the previously set record and become millionaires. Check lottery results UK online. If you want to add some variety and truck some luck different from the lottery one, check out online casino reviews to find suitable options.

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